Church Services or other Live Event Video Production

On Location Video Production

We come to your location and video your event - this could be a one time event, or an ongoing event. We provide a multi-camera video shoot, covering your event from several locations in the event. A DVD of the event will be given at the end of the event, so if you need to sell a video of the event to the audience, we can provide multiple copies of the event - we are also able to create a multi-color label for the DVD or CD . If you need to broadcast to an online audience, we can provide a live webstream for you as well, and provide online tickets as a pay-per-view event of you desire to charge for your event.

Cost Effective Video Production

We are blessed to be able to provide cost effective on-location video production for your event. Our rates include all related costs for providing video production for your event. Please contact us for more information.

Post Production Video Editing Service

We offer a 2 fold Post Production Video Editing Service
1: We can edit the video we shot in HD to produce a High Quality DVD/Blu-Ray for sale later, complete with menus and chapter markers
2: We can edit your video or other media assets to create a finished DVD or Blu-Ray disk

Online Video Archive

All videos can be archived online for viewing later, contact us to learn more about this service.

Find out how we may help you

We can provide cost effective video production for your Church services or other Events. Our team will come to your location, as well as stream your event to the internet, produce CDs and DVDs of the event. Contact us for more information.