Funerals or Memorial Services in North Central Florida

Services in a Church or Funeral Home

We discreetly provide a video recording of the entire Funeral or Memorial service, without distracting the family on this very stressful and painful day for the family

Services on location in a Cemetery

We are able to travel to any location the family wishes in North Central Florida to have a gravesite service captured on video.

Services on location at the Florida National Cemetery for US Veterans

We take special pride in being able to serve our US Veterans as they are being laid to rest at the Florida National Cemetery. We film on location at the cemetery, capturing the Honor Service that is provided by fellow US Veterans.

Online Video Archive

All videos are archived online on a password protected website for private viewing for 90 days after the funeral or memorial service, at no extra charge.

We cover North Central Florida with video recording of Funerals and Memorial Services - Total cost of our service is only $300.00

Funerals or Memorial services can be such a stressful time for the entire family, allow us to preserve this day on video for playback at a later time. A DVD of the service is given to you shortly after the service as well as an archive of the service online for out of town family members and friends to view the service in the comfort of their own home.