Lifestory Video

Video Production of Your Lifestory

We produce a movie of your life - by you telling your story. You have the "Staring Role" in the movie. We will use your photos and home videos and add in your interview to create a personal and informative movie of your life.

What is the Process?

First - We meet with you to go over what you want to include in the video. We go over your photos and videos you want to include and create a rough time line of your life events - then we setup a lime to get together to video you telling your story.
Second - Our team will arrive on the scheduled day to start filming your interview. We will recap the details of our first visit to make sure we include all your stories.
Third - An edited video is delivered to you for your viewing, this video will be a rough copy for you to go over to see if anything has been missed or needs to be edited.
Fourth - We return to your home a few days later to go over your edits and comments. NOTE: We will repeat this step as many times as needed to get your story the way you want it told.
Lastly, we will return with the finished dvd of your life story. We will also post the video online on our secure website for family and friends to view.

Your Lifestory - Your Way - or No Charge

Yes, that is right - we want you to be pleased with our work, and the way we present your life story. So if you are not satisfied with your lifestory - your money will be returned to you, no questions asked.

Online Video Archive

All videos can be archived online on our password protected website for private viewing for 90 days so you can share the video with family and friends, at no extra charge.

Find out how we may help you

Your Lifestory is all about you! We video You telling your story - and produce a video that can be given to the ones you love. Sometimes life events can cause pain and mis-understanding - let video help explain your side of the story, along with telling all the fun and special times as well. Contact us to find out more about producing your Lifestory in video.