Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell

Posted by Admin on January 28, 2012

The Florida National Cemetery honors our veterans by providing a beautiful resting place when their life has ended on this earth. We also honor our veterans by providing a Video of the Military Honor Service as a way of preserving this memory for generations to come. The video will also be made available online in a secure, password protected website for viewing by long distance family or friends. The average service is only 25 minutes long, so by recording the service on video, keeps the memory alive, long after you have left The Florida National Cemetery. We give a DVD of the service to the family shortly after the service.

We can work with the family or the funeral home in scheduling to video record the Honor service. Contact us for more information by going to the "More Info" link at the top of this webpage. Click here for more information on The Florida National Cemetery. Located in Central Florida and just off Interstate 75 near Bushnell, is open to the general public for visits.

Lifestory Videos

Posted by Admin on January 15, 2012

Your Lifestory - in Video - What is that? We interview you by asking pre-selected questions about your life and video recording the conversation. By adding family photos and your home videos to the finished video, we can create your video lifestory to include all your childhood memories, family stories, or even a special message to family members. Does your family know about your parents, or grandparents, or how about great-grandparents - if not, now is the time to tell them. We live in a very busy society, and families are so disconnected today - take the time to tell your story to your family. We all have questions about our upbringing, so answer the questions, in your own voice, and telling those special memories you have enjoyed.

Take the time today to tell your story - let your family know about you - only you can tell your story - don't let your story die with you.

Video Wills

Posted by Admin on January 1, 2012

Reading of the Last Will and Testament is a tough time on families, let video help in this process. Your last written wishes can be contested and sometimes cause families to fall apart at a time when families need to pull together. By reading your will on video, each member of your family can see and hear your desires and intentions. This fact was really realized in the movie "The Ultimate Gift" with James Garner that was released in 2007, in which the grandfather used video to communicate to the grandson to give him "The Ultimate Gift". We can video record the reading of your will in your attorneys office or in any location you wish.

Let your Video Will speak for you when you are gone, you can avoid any misunderstanding of your desires and intentions - Contact us for more information by going to the "More Info" link at the top of this webpage.

Video for Court

Posted by Admin on November 15, 2011

Video speaks volumes in a court case - from video of your testimony, video of the accident scene, to video of your Doctor explaining your injuries, or any other events along the way - video can be used to help present your case to the mediators, jury or Judge. We are certified by the American Guild of Court Reporters to present your case - by following the Court specified rules - in a video that will legally stand up in court.

Let video help your case - have your attorney contact us for more informaation.